About Us

Old Town Osteopathy


At Old Town Osteopathy in Hastings, we take a holistic approach to therapy, acknowledging the importance of structural balance in maintaining optimal bodily functioning. This concept can benefit many medical and mechanical conditions, and serves to reduce the likelihood of symptom recurrence by not only treating your symptoms, but also the initial cause of them. Treatment is tailored to you as an individual and can therefore vary from very gentle Cranial Osteopathy to very deep Sports Massage and Osteopathic manipulation (the clicky bits!). 

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy was founded by Dr Andrew Taylor Still in 1874 in America. It is an established system of diagnosis and treatment, which considers the structural and physiological integrity of the entire body in order to treat a diverse range of mechanical and medical presentations.

Osteopaths are trained for 4 years to develop a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and patho-physiology, as well as a heightened sense of touch that allows them to identify areas of soft tissue tension and joint restrictions. They are also trained to diagnose conditions outside of their field of expertise so that you may be referred to an appropriate practitioner should your symptoms not be of a musculoskeletal origin. 


 Osteopaths use a variety of techniques tailored to you as an individual, taking into consideration your body type, medical history, lifestyle and occupational demands. Treatment can include soft tissue and joint mobilisation, massage and manipulation and aims to facilitate the body’s own healing capacities by promoting the blood supply and nervous control of the affected area, relieving tension of the involved tissues, and restoring joint mobility, strength and stability. At Old Town Osteopathy, we also endeavour to aid our patients in managing ongoing conditions themselves, and can offer education about the problem, postural advice and exercises for that purpose.