Your First Consultation


Your first consultation will form the basis of your assessment and therefore will last slightly longer than any subsequent treatments to ensure an accurate diagnosis. This will normally last 45-50 minutes, depending on how complex a medical history and presentation you have and how many tests are needed for a diagnosis to be reached. In order to best determine the cause of your problem, the Osteopath will discuss with you your current symptoms and lifestyle demands, as well as taking a detailed medical history to understand the strains your body has been placed under in the past and to ensure that treatment is appropriate. 


You will be asked to undress to your underwear in order for the Osteopath to assess your posture, muscle tone and mobility. Shorts are also acceptable and if you would be more comfortable to wear a fitted top for the majority of the session this is fine, as it can just be removed, or hitched, temporarily to allow an effective assessment. Before treatment, the Osteopath will explain your diagnosis to you so that you are able to understand the condition and your proposed treatment plan.


On rare occasions, treatment may be refused if testing indicates your symptoms are not musculo-skeletal in nature. In this instance, your Osteopath will explain her concerns fully and you will be referred to your GP for further investigation. 

Follow up appointments will last for 40 minutes and include a brief review of your symptoms and function, with the main focus on treatment.