What Can We Treat?

Remember, Osteopathy is not just about backs or bones!! 

Conditions Osteopathy can treat include:

• Back Pain and Sciatica

• Neck pain and Associated Headaches

• Joint and Muscular Pain/Tension

• 'Trapped Nerves'

• Arthritic/Rheumatic Pain

• Sports/Repetitive Strain Injuries

• Pregnancy Related Aches and Pains

• Circulatory and Digestive Problems

We also offer Sports Massage Therapy at the clinic, to help relieve any sports specific/general tension.

We offer Cranial Osteopathy too, and can treat babies/infants.

If you're unsure if Osteopathy/Sports Massage is appropriate for you/your child, get in touch to discuss your problem. We are likely to be able to help, and if we can't, can often suggest an appropriate practitioner for you.